Amphis Music - independent Canadian folk music
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Amphis Music is an independent Canadian record label, founded by Canadian recording artist Heather Dale in 1998. We currently represent Heather Dale's music exclusively.
Heather Dale -
Celtic songs for imaginative people
"Heather Dale soars: an unabashed and uninhibited romantic." (Toronto Star)

Canadian recording artist and touring musician Heather Dale writes songs for 'modern dreamers': witty, fun-loving, imaginative people who aren't afraid to be different. Heather's original songs tap into legends, mythology, history and fantasy.

Take a second to imagine the future of independent music... Imagine a world where:
  • Great music is made without concession to fashion or advertising.
  • Music is always free to celebrate, question, immortalize and entertain.
  • Professional artists help other musicians by sharing their knowledge.
We believe in the vision and strength of independent musicians as ground-breakers in our industry. Thank you for giving us your support!